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See what other people are saying about our Marquee Village apartments! At Marquee Village Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


This was my 1st apartment and I loved it, maintenance staff helps as much as humanly possible and there was a couple of times that we did go without a property manager on site but anything relating to the apartments we could always go to the Chelsea apartments to get assistance, which by the way were always happy to help. I really like the location, very close to the hospital and UNM ,there's a bus line not that far off either, a short drive to Nob Hill when the boyfriend and I felt like having a date night. I really miss this place if it wasn't for a family emergency that caused us to leave the state my boyfriend and I would still be living there. 1311 treated us well =)


Toured Marquee village today, considering renting, but whether I do rent or not I gotta give a 5 star for Charly alone. Charly is their assistant property manager. Ya'll, this woman is busting her butt over here. She was incredibly transparent that none of the vacant units "met her standards" and that they will all be getting "extensive touch ups if not entire renovations". Numerous maintence people on site doing a pretty decent amount of work on various units. You can dock Marquee village on a number of things, but as someone who's rented from a few different places, finding a property manaher/APM who actually cares is challenging. Let alone someone who cares SO MUCH! Charly, you've left an incredible impression, and definitely given me a lot of positives to consider. If I do end up renting her, she WILL be what tips the scale. AMC, Take care of this woman. She is a phenomenal brand representative!


Great location, quiet community, and responsive staff. Cool town-home style apartments.


Verified Resident

Beautiful apartments, great location
I am excited to be moving to the Marquee Village next month. The location is great, with Downtown, UNM, and Nob Hill all nearby. Francine has been very helpful throughout the application process. I just toured my apartment and the beautiful common areas and can’t wait to call this place home.


Verified Resident

Move in planning and accommodations
Everyone has been wonderful as the management has transferred to accommodating and getting our move in set up! Thank you for the extra time and effort as you navigate the changes you all have as well. We are excited to move in this summer.



I have lived here for over two years and management did such a stellar job taking care of the property and any maintenance issues that have come up. I think it's great as far as location for college students as well as affordability. We were driven to this location for the wood flooring, affordability and location proximal to the university. We had a few problems with water, appliances and heating but they were solved promptly. Marissa the property manager did a great job keeping both my roommate and I in the loop about flexibility and options to solve any problems.


Property and apartments in good condition, manager very responsive, maintenance calls promptly addressed. Great location right near UNM. Would recommend to all of my friends.

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